Quantex Energy has created a direct process for converting coarse and fine hydrocarbon into heavy hydrocarbon products such as coke, pitch, and bunker oil ,among others, but can also provide a feedstock for upgrading.

The Quantex process involves breaking down the hydrocarbon in the presence of a patent pending solvent to create a liquid solution, and then removing mineral matter via centrifugation.  After distillation, the material is suitable for refinery input or direct conversion to pitch and coke within the process.  There is No waste, No CO2, and No water used within the process itself.

Bench Scale (B1)

Quantex offers a unique facility for the study and evaluation of hydrocarbon conversion. The laboratory was designed and constructed to evaluate mild to aggressive Bio-Solvents.

Our fully environmentally permitted facility is contained in a 10,000sq foot building that includes equipment in a wide variety of sizes - from small tubing reactors up to a 70 lb/hr pilot plant.

Pilot (B2)

Separation Tanks